Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Course Information

A new temporary green has been cut at the 5th hole 40 yds short of the new green This will make the hole a par 4 again and allow counting medals to be played from 1st April. The new green will be brought into play at the end of April 17. The new green has been marked as GUR with a drop zone marked at the side.
We have started to punch tine the greens to allow new seed to be dropped into the holes. The holes are 25mm deep, with new seed brushed in and dressed with sand to fill the hole. There will be no more over seeding on green during the playing season. This will be done again in October when the course is closed for 4 days.
Directional sleeper signs have been placed at certain holes to help speed up play for visitors and guests. Old sleepers were used to maintain the theme used in other areas round the course.

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