Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Course Information

A new temporary green has been cut at the 5th hole 40 yds short of the new green This will make the hole a par 4 again and allow counting medals to be played from 1st April. The new green will be brought into play at the end of April 17. The new green has been marked as GUR with a drop zone marked at the side.
We have started to punch tine the greens to allow new seed to be dropped into the holes. The holes are 25mm deep, with new seed brushed in and dressed with sand to fill the hole. There will be no more over seeding on green during the playing season. This will be done again in October when the course is closed for 4 days.
Directional sleeper signs have been placed at certain holes to help speed up play for visitors and guests. Old sleepers were used to maintain the theme used in other areas round the course.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sand Stripping

As part of the 5 year ecology report recently submitted by the STRI work has begun on stripping the rank vegetation from areas in the rough. The plan here is to scrape away the grasses and underlying soil to reveal clean sand. The soil/grasses are buried deep in the hole and covered with clean sand to a depth of 750mm. The bare sand area is then left as it is for the natural plants and fine grasses to colonise it over the next 7-10 years. Weed seeds will not germinate in the sand which will allow the finer Fescue grassses to establish over the coming years. This has been trialled at several courses and has proved very succesful. These areas are now integral parts of the course and a ball should be played as it lies from the sandy area. These areas at 7/8 and the 12th holes are the first to be done and we will monitor how they develop over the coming months. The area at the left of the 12th fairway was covered in rushes and very penal if a ball landed in them but now a ball will be found and can be played from the sandy area.

Gorse Clearance

We have started the removal programme on the gorse area between the 1st hole on Balgownie and the 4th hole on the Silverburn Course. This is a large area that will be removed over a period of 4-5 years. The plan is to cut an area then allow it to recover before clearing the next plot. This will reduce the negative visual impact there is when we clear the gorse. By the time we reach the 1st tee the area behind will have healed and regeneration will have started.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Rough management- Replacing pop-ups

To progress further with the rough management programme we are replacing the fairway pop-ups that sit in the semi rough with part circle heads. At present the old heads rotate 360 degrees and water 20mts into the rough behind them. This is not helping progress with thinning the rough areas so these heads are being replaced with new part circle pop-ups that are set to irrigate the fairway only. We have permanently removed 11 heads that were in the rough at the 6,9,15th holes. We will replace 44 old heads with the new ones. There will be a considerable saving in water and run time for the fairways when they are on during the summer months. In the next few years the fairway system will be replaced but we can re-use these new heads on other areas in the future.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

15th Green side Bunkers

The green side bunkers were completely re-built. These faces were first built when the green was moved in 2011. They have lasted well with the front and middle ones getting the ,most use. The middle bunker was altered slightly to remove the nose in the middle. We had issues with blown sand in this bunker when there was a south east and north west wind blowing. The angle on the face was softened slight;y to make play ability easier.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rough thinning work

Work has started to further thin out the rough areas with the terra rake. We are going over all areas in two directions to rip out dead material from the base of the turf. This will be lifted and dumped in our recycling area. We will shortly go over these areas with the super 500 machine and then spray selected areas to eradicate rough grasses.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

3rd Hole Silverburn

The existing bunker positioned below the green on the right side was filled in and re-turfed. This was a very difficult bunker to play from and offered little visually to the hole. A new bunker was dug out and positioned next to the green at the front right corner. Visually it looks much better than the previous one.